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These Renters Love Triangles!

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Valerie's Sequoia Quilt. She quilted this at Quilted Joy!

I’m always talking about shapes here. Shapes are what make up the patterns of all quilts. Circles, squares, rectangles, even hexagons are used in quilting. These quilts are made up of triangles. Take a look! The first quilt is from Valerie called “Sequoia”. She made it with colors of the University of Louisville for her…

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Thank You Claudia!

Posted on
Claudia Pfeil came to visit and teach at Quilted Joy!

I want to send a big thank you to Claudia Pfeil for giving us two unforgettable days of machine quilting classes! I have been in love with Claudia’s work for many years now. Don’t believe me? Here’s proof! In 2015 Claudia invited me to teach at her studio in Germany. After reminding her I could…

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Helen’s Memorial Quilt

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Helen made this beautiful memorial quilt. It is made up of a grandfather's blue jeans and plaid shirts. It is quilted with the Turbulance pantograph.

When someone you love passes on, it can be difficult to know what to do with what they leave behind. Somethings have value outside of sentiment and can be kept and be useful as is, or be sold. Somethings which may have been useful while they lived, now find themselves obsolete or just redundant to…

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Ideal Seam Guide and Seam Gauge Package

Get a perfect scant quarter inch seam allowance- every single time.

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  • Glide Big Cone - Celery

    Glide Celery ($3.49$9.95)
    reviewed by carol randall

    It's beautiful and working great- just as I've come to expect Glide threads to do.

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  • Glide Big Cone - Military Gold

    Glide Military Gold ($3.49$9.95)
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    The "military gold" color is the most attractive shade of gold for military insignia patches! Outstanding!!

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