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Linda’s Bars & Strips Quilt

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Linda asked me to quilt this sweet Bars & Strips quilt. She asked for a traditional yet playful quilting design and I found a nice mix of the two.

A few weeks ago I shared Linda’s Spider Web quilt she made for her granddaughter. Today I’ve got another quilt from Linda, but this one she made for herself! Doesn’t this look like a fun and easy quilt to make? Linda got to choose some of her favorite prints and really show off the designs.…

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These Renters Like Big Blocks!

Posted on
Beverly's sample quilt, quilted at Quilted Joy

There are a lot of quilts that made up with a lot of tiny blocks. They can be beautiful and intricate. But sometimes, you can cover a lot of real estate by making just a few really big blocks. What a great way to showcase fabric that you really love. The larger blocks can really…

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New Paper Pantographs Available!

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Quilted Joy has added to it's collection of Paper Pantographs! Check out the new designs available now!

Do you ever find yourself needing to freshen things up a bit? I was feeling that way about some of the paper pantographs available in the shop. So I’ve changed things up, and now have some exciting new designs available for you! For our longarm renters, don’t be worried. All your old favorites are still here…

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Ideal Seam Guide and Seam Gauge Package

Get a perfect scant quarter inch seam allowance- every single time.

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  • Sew Clean ($13.00 $10.99)
    reviewed by tonyaharmon423

    this would be the product he reached for. It’s as good as waving a wand at it. I have tried it on several stains so far with success. This makes me much more confident in the quilt I’m currently quilting. I’ve always avoided white as much as possible because it just looks dingy over time, but I have confidence now that I can keep it looking it’s best.

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  • ProCircles Odd Set Longarm Quilting Rulers

    ProCircle Sets ($108.00$126.00)
    reviewed by tonyaharmon423

    I just got to try out these rulers last night. I’m very impressed by them. They are very well marked and have a good weight to them. The marks are easy to see and have been quite helpful. Don’t forget ruler grip tape of your choice though, they are a little hard to control (for a novice user at least), but that is just the nature of the size, not actually a fault of the ruler itself. Buying the set saved me money and gave me a great variety of sizes to play with.

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