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Linda’s Plaid Memorial Quilt

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Linda made this lovely memorial quilt for a family member. She asked me to quilt this with a simple wide open meander to follow the simple piecing design.

Fabrics come in all sorts of patterns. Florals, polka dots, dinosaurs, and stripes, just to name a few. Another popular fabric design is the plaid. With its vertical and horizontal stripes, it is very striking, but also limiting at times to what quilt designs looks best with it. Some designs would not look very good…

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Gender Neutral Quilts from the Renters

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Kathleen's ombre wall hanging, quilted at Quilted Joy

Every quilt has a theme. Whether it is done with the color, or the quilting pattern or a print in the fabric, every quilt has a vibe that appeals to one person or another. For whatever reason, it is very common and very easy to make a feminine or girly quilt. Pinks, flowers, hearts, etc.…

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All Gussied Up: Fabric Collage Penguin

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Angela Huffman on the set of Fons & Porter Love of Quilting Episode 3202 All Gussied Up

I have been waiting to show you this since the Spring and I can finally reveal it! I’d like to introduce you to my friend Guss. Isn’t he fabulous? You may have noticed that we are in love with the Laura Heine style fabric collage animals here. Our students have made a bunch of them. Penguins…

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Navy USA Stars 108 inch Wide Back

No quilt is complete without the perfect backing! We love the swirl of red and white stars on the navy background of this gorgeous fabric from Timeless Treasures. Perfect for patriotic quilts or Quilts of Valor!

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  • Glide Toddlers Pack

    Glide Toddlers Colors Pack ($19.25$55.00)
    reviewed by tinatravel

    Love Glide thread. I don't quilt, but use it for Embroidery. My machine Loves Glide thread.
    Fast delivery time too! Thank you

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  • Metallics Pack

    Glide Metallics Pack ($19.25$55.00)
    reviewed by tinatravel

    thank you for your quick delivery of my thread. I Love the assortment of colors in your package prices. I will be ordering from you again!
    Thank You

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