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Sarah’s Purple and Silver Quilt

Sarah's Silver and Purple Stars Quilt, quilted by Angela Huffman of Quilted Joy

This is Sarah’s Purple and Silver Quilt. We love it when Sarah comes in to drop off a quilt. They are always the most amazing pieces. With intricate and complicated…

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Be Mindful 108in Quilt Back

Windham Fabrics have brought us this heartwarming fabric called Be Mindful 108". This is a white fabric covered in statements about friendship in all different fonts. The phrases include "Life is better with friends" and "With a friend, you will never walk alone."

$17.66 per YardSelect options

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  • 108 Harmony Dark Sky 11142 15

    108" Harmony - Dark Sky ($17.00 per yard)
    reviewed by jmlucas5

    This fabric is soft to the touch and visually pleasing. I used it as backing on a white, pink, and blue quilt and I love that it has enough visual interest to allow the quilt to be placed back-side-up. As a plus, the pattern hides any quilting imperfections!

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  • Whirlpools - Red. Wilmington Batik 1054-2083-333, 745181400972. Available at Quilted Joy.com.

    Whirlpools - Red ($16.99 per Yard)
    reviewed by Teresa

    Quilted joy stocks only the best!! I ordered this for a customer quilt and its perfect! The swirls work for both male and female quilts. I always go here when I need quality and quick delivery!

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