Five Little Monkies Embroidered Baby Quilt

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Susie is expecting twin grandbabies!  How exciting! She tells me her daughter is doing great and she can’t wait to hold the two little angels in her arms. 

These lucky babies are going to be welcomed into the world with 2 fabulous embroidered quilts.  Plus, I’m pretty sure Susie get a dozen gold stars for actually having quilts for her grandbabies finished before they are even born!  Now that is an accomplishment!

Here is the first one. It is a Five Little Monkies quilt.  I love this quilt pattern. The monkies bouncing all around with the feathers from the pillows make such a fun quilt for a kiddo (heck, for a grownup too!).

She must have spent a ton of time hooping those borders, don’t you think?  I can’t imagine.  I don’t do machine embroidery so whenever I get an embroidered quilt in it really impresses me.  Plus, it makes me think about marching down to my Viking dealership and nabbing one of those sweet machines. 

Hmmm… maybe I need to put that on my wish list!

Up next, Susie’s other embroidered nursery rhyme top for her other lucky granddaughter.  Wait till you see it. It is precious!

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