Making a Photoshop Postcard

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Here’s my latest JP lesson from her fabulous Photoshop Frame Ups class.  This photo is of my triplets at Great Wolf Lodge. If you haven’t been to the Lodge, I highly recommend it. (Sign up for the e-newsletter and you’ll get coupon codes). My kids absolutely adore this place! We’ve been about 5 times so far to the one next to Kings Island in Cincinnati and the place holds some very special memories for us. We normally go when it is snowing out so we don’t get to enjoy their outdoor pool often. However, this photo is from one of our summer trips. My kids are sitting on a vinyl log that is chained to the bottom of the pool. The kids love hopping on and flipping their siblings off.

The lesson this week included adding some custom text to the photos so…. here’s the before photo.

Making a Photoshop Postcard -

And here’s the finished photo!

Making a Photoshop Postcard -

GooseyGirl and RocketMan helped me put this together. They picked out the stamps and the colors. I think they really had fun watching it come to life. I have absolutely no idea how or when I’d use this new skill of mine but… hey, it is fun!

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