A Playdate with triplets- tigers and human plus a kanga and an ocelot!

I am still on a complete high! Last night I surprised my kidlets with an early Christmas gift.


They had no idea where we were going as we headed to Southern Indiana last night. I told them it was a surprise and they guessed we were going to play laser tag. They also thought we might be headed to go horse back riding.


Instead, we went to a tiger baby playdate! Triplet baby tigers to be exact! They are nine weeks old and were ADORABLE. We got to feed them with bottles and Birdman got a big tiger cub hug while his face was being licked.


One little baby fell asleep on my lap.


Then they brought out a baby kangaroo wearing a diaper. It was incredibly soft. It was as soft as a housecat. GooseyGirl got her fingers licked.



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