APQS Longarm Quilting Machine

An APQS longarm quilting machine leads the industry in reliability, ease of use, warranty, and customer service. It is proudly all American made. APQS has been making top of the line longarm quilting machines for over 30 years. The best part? It comes with a Lifetime Warranty!

Quilt Easier. Quilt Inspired.

APQS longarm quilting machines Mille and Freddie
APQS Millie and Freddie Quilting Machine

The quilts you make are lovingly handcrafted. Shouldn’t the longarm quilting machine you use to quilt them on be created with the same attention to detail? An APQS longarm quilting machine brings together a simple and easy to use machine with high quality engineering so you can be a quilter- not a mechanic.

At APQS, we’ve been building industrial long arm quilting machines for over 30 years. Your quilting is a passion, and our passion is perfecting a quilter with pitch-perfect tension wrapped up in handling that is smooth and easy. You want to quilt for hours? With a free moving long arm and with an APQS machine, you can.

All of our quilt machines are impeccably made with the best customer service in the business.  Adding a computerized quilting system like Quilt Path or Intelliquilter to your APQS longarm machine gives you the freedom to expand your creativity.

If you are in the market for a quilting machine, Quilt Path or the Intelliquilter computerized system, call Angela at (502) 718-7148 or email to schedule a test drive.

APQS Millie longarm with Intelliquilter
APQS Millennium with Intelliquilter

How big are your quilting dreams? Our largest longarm machine with a spacious 30″ throat is especially designed for computerized quilting. It is identical to our flagship Mille with all the same bells and whistles, just with a bigger machine throat space for more quilting area and a Lifetime Warranty.

The APQS Millennium machine has it all in perfect balance. Beautiful stitches, amazing maneuverability, perfection in every way. Our top of the line, 26″ throat longarm machine is an industry leader for a reason. One of those reasons is the Lifetime Warranty.

Quilt artists the world over select the APQS Freedom, or Freddie for short, for its stitch quality and light weight handling. This 26″ throated quilting machine has a few less bells and whistles over the Millennium but without compromising the quality of the tension, the precision of the stitch regulator or the Lifetime Warranty. Those, are standard.

Lucey has a 26″ throat with extended, ergo handles. With a 26″ throat the Lucey allows you to quilt the flowing motifs you love, all in one pass. She comes with either a 10 or a 12 foot table and, of course, the amazing APQS Lifetime warranty.

Sweet little Lenni is the perfect size for a home hobbyists who aren’t interested in starting their own business and would like a smaller, stand up quilter. His 22″ throat can easily cover a 12″ block in a horizontal setting in one pass. This entry level machine moves like a dream, has the same stitch regulator found in our big machines and that unbelievable Lifetime Warranty.

Pushing a quilt top through the small throat of your domestic is a challenge. George offers a 22″ throat with impeccable stitches to give you the best possible final product. Plus, he loves to run those finicky threads like silks, mylars, and halos. He has a portable table so you can store him away when you don’t need him if space is an issue and he has our industry leading Lifetime warranty.

Used machines come with your choice of size table- no difference in price. All used machines from APQS come with a factory warranty. These go really fast so if you think you want one, let us know so that when a batch is released from the factory we can snag one for you.

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